Robyn Appleton is concerned with how we adjust and re-adjust to the moving and changing shape of our world, with a fundamental belief in the imagination and creativity of humans.  Appleton employs varied approaches to her work to accommodate this view, as well as adopting a ‘childlike sense of wonder’ in the hope of permeating her observations of the mystery and complexities of life. Appleton says of her practice: “I seek to emulate that which is so inspiring in people:  their resourcefulness and ingenuity.  Visual dialogues are created with discarded materials - old chopping boards, disused mattresses, recycled sunglasses, postman’s elastic bands – allowing them to speak about the beauty, complexity and humour of life”. 

Recent exhibitions & collaborative projects include:  

‘Canopy’ 2008-2009

‘Lost in Translation’ 2008

‘Marking Time’ 2008  

Education: University of Reading - BA Fine Art 2006