Rachel Price describes her current work as a series of ‘magnified maquettes’, she attempts to short cut the mid stages of the creative process where the optimism and naivety of the initial stages are often lost.  Price’s practice is also driven by a dissatisfaction of our over-reliance on simulation and representation over bodily experience with the objects around us. This is explored by the pairing of image and form to investigate the dynamic between the finite, frank nature of sculpture and the conceptually infinite but physically limited nature of the image.  

 Price currently lives and works in London.

Recent exhibitions and collaborative projects include:

‘The End is the Beginning’ (2009)

‘Live Sculpture’ (2009)

‘A leaf out of my book’ (2009)

‘On Edge’ (2008)


University of Reading - BA Fine Art & Psychology 2006 

University of Herts - Foundation 2002