Joe Doldon’s work aims to comment on, and provoke questions about our place within the planet; and how over a period of time we have become increasingly distanced and sheltered from the life of the world we inhabit, creating a formidable discord.  Doldon notes that our attempts to control and intervene with certain aspects of nature can often lead to catastrophic repercussions. Particularly concerned with these environmental disasters, and how they serve to erase marks of our existence. Using a juxtaposition of natural and man-made materials, and organic and constructed forms, Doldon attempts to ‘create beautiful objects in celebration of life whilst simultaneously questioning our actions towards this remarkable planet which we find ourselves upon’.

Joe currently lives and works in Cornwall.

 Recent exhibitions include: 

‘Wastelands’ (2009)

 ‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries’ (2008),

 ‘Fleet’ (2008) 


 Falmouth College of Arts - BA Hons Fine Art (2008)

 Loughborough University - Foundation (2005)