Dave Hanger appropriates ubiquitous everyday motifs and objects and reinterprets them within a reductive form of abstraction. Hanger employs the use of universally available materials including timber, paint, rubber and aluminium that are carefully selected, shaped and married; creating a dynamic visual language that represents a transient moment of obscurity.  Silhouettes of urine stained walls are crafted from plywood, text is abstracted and presented in an arrangement of vinyl records familiar with domestic interiors while ‘paintings’ become as a series of triangular pegs, no longer concealed by the stretched canvas.  Adding permanence to the ephemeral, Hanger makes the unseen visible, highlighting innate formal structures. 

  Recent exhibitions include: 

‘Salon 08’

‘Folk Mathematics’ (2008)

 ’20 Hoxton Square’ (2007)

 ‘Invented Communities’ (2007)


University of Reading - BA Fine Art 2006